2 devices not showing the same waiting room

Hey guys… I have a strange thing that just started happening recently. I have a user that has 2 iPads… they login to doxy using one iPad and they can see them in the waiting room… they work the patient up, then put them back in the waiting room. Then they go into a different room where they have another iPad logged in as the same user. However, that patient does NOT show up on the waiting room even though they left them in there on the other iPad… this used to work in the past but something must have changed… any ideas?

I found this after a bit of searching:

It seems that doing this is not how it is designed, even though it worked fine until recently… my question is this: how should we accomplish this task even though we are only talking about a single provider? I don’t want to get a second license just to setup a second device…


I am not sure if you sent me something



I’m not sure what you mean… I think all I did was quote your original post in my thread here… maybe it linked you? I think the answer here is to get an additional license and create another user, then share the waiting room with that user…

I have experienced this and discovered that the link is different if the client or the therapist are using different browsers. Safari sends my link differently than Chrome, but both links look identical. I’m not sure if this will help your situation but I was very happy when I figured out why this was happening. I would be waiting for my client in Doxy/Chrome and texted them to see if they were having trouble checking in and they responded saying they were waiting in my waiting room. I thought I would sign in using Doxy on Safari and there was my client in my waiting room. I have a Mac 8 and I can run both browsers on my computer, only one at a time. Hope this helps.