Ability to send from Doxy.me questions

Could I get some information on the different options you can use by sending an Invite via Email in Doxy.me? Via the screen shot below.

• I see if you want to Send from Doxy.me then you have to upgrade to Professional or Clinic. Would this feature be the Professional or Clinic version?
• We would like to know if there is a way that the providers email does not show up when sending out an invite. Would the Send from Doxy.me option accomplish this? For example if a provider sends out an invite and then is received from the patient, the patient would not be able to see the providers email address.
• Is there a way to create a custom email message template? I know right now you can edit the email message before sending but is there an options to edit the custom message? If so would this be under the Profession or Clinic version?

I tried finding the answers on the pricing page under features. Telehealth Solution - FREE & HITECH Compliant | Doxy.me. What would the above questions be categorized under?

Would this need to be moved to a different category? I don’t see a way I can move my questions to a different category. If not I can create the post again in a different category.