Ability to turn off practitioner status


In aiming to replicate the therapy room in the online platform, it makes sense that a client could see if a clinic’s lights are on/the practitioner is online. However, it can be counter therapeutic for the client to see whether the practitioner is with another client or not. It would be great to be able to turn this notification off.


I concur. Thank you for this observation.


We have gotten requests to remove the “Provider Status” before, as well as having “Office hours” available.

Just to elaborate on this a little more though:

If I go to a physical clinic, usually I can see if my provider/therapist is with someone else. The therapy room is closed for example. It’s just nice to know my therapist is there, but they are just running a little behind?


Because the door is closed, does not always mean the practitioner is with another client. Because the practitioner is not with another client, does not mean they are available and ready to start a session.