Access to Electronic Prescribing

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We do not have this feature. We’d like to gauge the interest level of others using for this feature.

Count me in! It looks like many states are going to force doctors to only use electronic prescribing and disallow written prescribing, call in prescriptions and faxed ones as well. California is, I think, headed that way for next January and New York may already be that way. This information is by blunt recollection so don’t quote me.
Gil Carter, MD, JD, BCFP

No thank you. I would hope that Doxy would continue to focus on its core platform. I would assume that most physicians have an EHR, which already handles the medication lists and e-prescribing. I would also say that this is where this functionality belongs, so it can do allergy checks, reaction to other meds, medication history, etc.
Give us the best telehealth service, and help us with troubleshooting for patients who struggle. We will stay if we get that.