Account suspension?

We have a number of providers who are not currently using the clinic accounts, but may be in the future. In order to attempt to lower our costs, can you “suspend” an account, without deleting it and reinstate when it is needed? We do not want to pay for accounts not being utilized at this time.

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You are billed per seat/license, whether a provider fills that seat/license or not. For example, you purchase 10 seats/licenses but you only have 5 providers on the account. You still pay for all 10 seats/licenses.

You can reduce seats and that will be reflected on your next billing cycle. When removing a provider from the account your first step is deleting the user and your second step is to decrease the seat if you do not need it.

For this situation you could delete the user and seat/license and they would still have access to their free account or could create a free account and be invited to the clinic account as needed. This will help lower costs and keep the as-needed flexibility.

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Is it possible to export the meeting history for a user about to be deleted?

We cannot export meeting history as a whole but you can pull API. Here are some instructions:

Sorry, no programming staff available here. I hope this is still on the drawing board for future updates? Some measurable metrics for clinic (an professional) accounts would be a very nice tool.

Yes, we are very interested in having more user friendly data for our clinic users. It is in the works for us because we know how important it is for our providers.