Add a tele health schedule a way to confirm appointment

Can we get a schedule added to confirm appointments with patients name and time ?

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Hi @varlee-kelleh this is something on our mind. I’m curious to learn more about your needs and workflow. Do you currently use any tools for this? Or could you give me any more information about your needs? How would you want such a service to work with your workflow?

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Actually being able to set appointments and send reminders thru the platform would be awesome!


Hi @Dylan I am just looking for a way for my staff to track all of the tele visit that they have. Currently each month I request a monthly sessions report from Doxy to see how much tele health visit my clinic had. However, I do not believe this is the source of truth since the reports counts only calls that were started . The number isn’t actuate because if the call drops and the user sends the patient a new invite it will get counted as a new Visit in the sessions report. The same if a user send themselves a link to conduct a test meeting. I believe if we had schedule and a way to confirm on doxy that the visit was competed the session report would be more accurate. We need to be able to set appointments and send reminders thru the platform as well as a way to pull a report of all of the confirmed scheduled appointments that were completed so I can deliver that data to my leadership knowing that its accurate

If you could please shoot me an email
I would like to set up a meeting to discuss over the phone I think that may be best.

I set up emails in my draft folder each Sunday evening or Monday morning with the link and date and time of each client’s appointment. It is a pain, but keeps me from having to do it daily. I would love a feature like this to have a schedule through doxy.


I agree… this would be something very useful, both for analytics as well as for scheduling. It would be something our callcenter could monitor for as well as use for confirmations.

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