Add date and Time to text/email

Patients are often confused when receiving the link to join their visit,
We would like the option to add date and time of the appointment to the text/email invite


When I send an invite I always go in and edit it to include the day and time and what the scheduled appointment is. I send the invites by e-mail. Hope that helps.


I would also like to have this as an option. It doesn’t give you the option to edit for text messages, only for emails, because you are using your own email client.

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I agree That would extra nice. Patients are confused with the texts . Good insight.

agree, should be able to include the appt info, that way could send the link in advance and have them log in at the time rather than waiting for them at the visit.

Thank you for sharing this feedback. It serves to further validate the work that is already underway on this topic. Our plan is to make both texts and email invites editable by the end of this month. We also have other ideas that we will be validating and looking into making regarding the improvement of invitations. If you would like to participate in this by giving further feedback through short interviews or seeing the prototypes before they are finalized, we’d love to include you. Just let us know here.

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I also go in and add the date and time of appt. so there is no confusion.