Add Stripe to waiting room

Please make Stripe accessible to clients in the waiting room, with the power to choose their payment amount. This would be most helpful if I didn’t have to do it for them, so I can focus on the client in the current session while the next is managing their credit card payment. Would also allow clients to log in to between sessions to pay for no-shows or other balances.


I second that idea!! What a practical idea for improving the waiting room.


Great idea thanks for posting!

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I’m in support of that and would actually use the system if it existed outside of the clinical session.

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You can charge patients once they have shown up in the waiting room, if you click on the 3 dots next to the patients name, then select More there is an option for payment. You will be prompted to enter the amount and then it will show up on the patient side to make a payment before the live call begins. Here are some more details and pictures showing how to do so: Payments: Collect Payments from Patients | Help Center

Need the ability to store the credit card information and name and charge the credit again. Currently, the system charges the customer but it doesn’t store for future usage.

Hi Colin–I’ve used this feature as you described it, but would find it much more helpful to myself and my clients if it could be tweaked as requested: No provider involvement required.

I second that! Would also be great for patients to enter their CC info at time of scheduling to hold appointment time.

Hi There,

We will look into this, but it may be tough to add as it goes against our storing any information on the patient as to not go against our hipaa compliance. We are looking to see if there is a way to implement this storing of the CC.