Adding a new clinic user account, I dont know their password

When adding a new clinic user account, it looks like it automatically makes a password which is “hidden” to the admin. Does the new user get a temp password emailed to them? Do I, as the admin, have the option of setting the password for the user (but how can I when I don’t know and can’t see what the ‘old password’ is)?

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Hi there!
It depends on how you created an account for your user. If you clicked “Send Invite” it will send the user an email to create their own password. If you clicked “Create Account” it will email to provider a generated password and they can change it themselves. You are correct, you would need the old password to make any password changes.

Ok but the answer either way is no. I do not have their password so even as an admin I am limited in what I can do to their account correct?

Yes, you are correct.


I had this same issue. I wanted to setup our providers with passwords that I could share with them. It did not seem possible.
This leads me to my own questions. After I setup one of our doctors, I deleted the account because I was not able to setup the password. Now it will not let me use that email address a second time. How do I fix this?

Use the “invite” option instead for now. We are going to improve this in the coming weeks.


A workaround that we have found is that we send the Invite, user clicks the link in it, then when it asks them to login, we have them click the Forgot Password link. This will allow them to reset the password.

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I have a related severe problem. I have a clinic account and cannot add one provider though I have multiple users still available (actually 11). When we initially added providers we typed in an incorrect email address for one of them. When this provider failed to receive an invitation, we discovered the typo, and deleted it. We have subsequently re-entered the correct email and even a new email for this provider multiple times over multiple days, and she never receives an invitation. Help!

This need to be a higher priority. As Admin/IT Staff, the providers rely on us to reset their passwords or resend invites. I cannot find any way to sent them another email invite. From the Clinic standpoint, this is very lacking in management capabilities. Please fix.