Adding interactive quiz to waiting room

How do I add an interactive quiz like to PHQ9 so that the client can fill it out before starting the call?


I would be interested in the reply as well. I have separately been using Google Forms and emailing the questions to the client FYI.


In pain management and palliative care, I use the GAD-7 and PHQ-9 with every patient and every visit. I have medical staff call the patient before I do my telehealth visit to do these verbally over the phone. It would be most helpful for this to occur as a pre-visit check in process. Can this be done?


Thank you for your suggestion, @rennerlmhc, and your support, @charles-pierce and @tabithagarrison. This type of feature is something we’re looking into and I will be sure to pass your suggestions/use cases on to the appropriate team.

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