Adding Participants to Group Calls

Hello, I am considering using Doxy for running group sessions. However, I notice that in order to add an additional participant to the call, Doxy disconnects the call and then reconnects the call with the added participant. This is tolerable for a call with, say, three participants, but really not appropriate for a larger call of, say, eight participants. Can Doxy not add participants more seamlessly (i.e. without disconnecting and reconnecting)?

Thank you for posting, @ryanhofrichter! When a call initially starts, the call is optimized for a direct connection between the two initial parties. When a third participant is added, the call needs to re-sync to be optimized for a group experience. However, the call will not re-sync to add the fourth participant, fifth participant, etc. I hope this helps address your concern.

Great news! Thanks, @cullen!