Administratively changing passwords

We have 86 current users on, and over the past few days of entering all the user accounts I found myself wishing I could reset peoples’ passwords administratively. Sometimes I might have had a typo in the email address when I set a user up so the welcome email with the password was never received. Sometimes I didn’t wait long enough for my email system to make the new user/group before entering them into, so the welcome email with the password wasn’t received.

And while the “owner” account has rights to access the system under the account of any user, the system still requires the current password in order to change the password. This effectively prevents Owner/admin accounts from being able to reset people’s passwords administratively.

And if you’re tempted to tell me to use the “forgot password” link on the sign-in page, I tried that. Apparently if you have issues that prevent receipt of the original welcome email, none of the “forgot password” emails are ever sent. Maybe the account is flagged as having a bad email address or something? So again, without the current password, you’re stuck. I ended up having to delete and make a new user with a different email address to get my process moving again.

So maybe this wish list request is really for two things: 1) allow owner/admin users to administratively change user passwords without needing to know the current password first; and 2) make it so accounts aren’t prevented from getting “forgot password” emails if their welcome email fails to deliver.


+1 We have even more accounts and having to delete a users account entirely and readd is a pain.

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I complete agree. I need to reset passwords or resend and invite and it seems the only option is to delete the account and add it back. And that is NOT an option once we are live.


I have set up about 600 users over the last few days - and I agree 100% we need to be able to reset the password at the admin level.


Yes please! It is ludicrous that an admin cannot change PW’s!

We use PowWow which is a bit more reliable than doxy (in terms of video & audio quality) and they provide a separate control panel for admins be able to create users, change passwords, force users to change passwords at next login, disable users, etc. Basically give you more control over user settings. Great for larger groups that need more control.