AirPods Pro microphone not working

My AirPods Pro microphone has suddenly stopped working. It has been problematic since macOS Monterey (12.3), but in the last couple of days it has completely stopped.

My old workaround was to toggle the microphone from AirPods to MacBook Pro internal microphone, then back to AirPods. This would usually enable the microphone, but this workaround has completely stopped working.

I have tried every conceivable thing to reset the settings, but I believe it will require some intervention from the Doxy team.

My equipment:
MacBook Pro (14 inch 2021)
Monterey 12.3
Safari 15.4
AirPods Pro, Firmware 4C165

I have been forced to use my wired earbuds, which is extremely inconvenient. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Randall Davis

Thank you for your post, @randalldavislmft. I believe I have the same setup as you, but don’t have AirPods to test. I did notice a different issue with my Raycon bluetooth earbuds, so I am looking into this with our team. Do you know if you have the Apple M1 chip or an Intel chip in your MacBook?

I wanted to add that it seemed to work fine using Chrome instead of Safari.

@randalldavislmft, we can confirm that the issue you’re experiencing only happens with the specific combination of Safari + AirPods and it happens in other video tools as well (though it isn’t reproducible 100% of the time). Apple has two bug tickets open to fix this issue (one for iOS and one for macOS), but we don’t have an ETA on the fix as of right now. We are also investigating to see if there’s anything we can do to help this issue on

As a workaround, I would suggest using Chrome or Firefox if you need to use your AirPods until this is resolved.