All my providers having issues

All of my providers are having various issues with Doxy. Some cant connect at all and some that do the video and audio has sever issues. My providers are in various location with the same issues.

Is there a global issue going on?


Hello and thanks for sharing. To add to your post, all of our providers are also seeing increased technical issues since 8am EST today. Issues include connectivity, audio, and video problems today. It’s definitely an abnormal, worse than usual experience for our providers and for the patients across the board.

Patients connected via cellular device seem to be particularly problematic at the moment. I’m hoping Doxy can identify the issue and help with a resolution soon.

I finally got through to someone on live chat which took forever. I cant see any other way to get support.

They are asking if i have a firewall. I have been running doxy for 2 months not in my same configuration.

Plus when i tested this today we tested it from outside my organization.


Yesterday our providers had the same issues. Please share your findings (as will I) for any resolution you receive back. I messaged to see if I can get any response.

Again thanks for posting.


This is the third day in a row that I get the " something went wrong with the messaging service. please try another way to invite" . HELLO- this is TELEmedicine- I am going to have to try a different service if your platform can’t be supportive of the current situation.

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I received this reply from

Here’s some info that can be helpful for you.

You can clear cache and cookies on Chrome Browser by going here and selecting “Cookies and other site data”.

I have had problems with freezing and audio skipping In about 2/3 of my sessions for the past 2 months. I have Ethernet connection, sit next to modem, bought Pro to see if that made a difference (not at all), and some of my clients are highly sophisticated at setting up powerful WiFi so the doxy window blaming the poor connection on them is implausible. Many times doxy works great one week & freezes completely the next, for the same patient sitting in the same chair. Not likely to be internet problems as Zoom works just fine, every time. I’m unimpressed, even taking into account the insanely high load we’re all placing on these services lately. Anyone have a suggestion before I move on to another service?


There is no number i have found to talk to a human. I have only been able to speak to someone in live chat. They say its firewall, wifi, or internet issue.

I dont agree withg any of that.

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We have been using Doxy for over a month very successfully. Connection issues here and there, but overall very solid.

The last 2 days, complaints have gone through the roof from providers/staff about poor quality connections… and its causing a lot of frustration. Something must have changed on the doxy side or they are problems they are experiencing server wise because this seemed to have just started out of no where. Nothing has changed on our side, connections are 1000% solid on our end, but when the call is established its beyond hit or miss. Seems like the patients with already weak connections are the ones experiencing this the most.


Today was the worst Doxy connection I’ve had. As a provider, it was frustrating and exhausting for both sides. What is going on?

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Doxy. Please someone help us with these issues. We need this to work without the problems.

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I have had those same issues since last Thursday. I find myself worrying, "What if cuts out right now? Problematic not only in the event of freezing, audio cutting out or disconnection, but distracting as well.

Today started off rocky with much freezing, audio cutting out, and disconnections; however, my last two session at 5 and 6 (EST) were crystal clear. I was particularly worried about this call since I needed to connect family members from two separate locations into the virtual session. Went off without a hitch. I hope that is indication that someone figured out the problem and has fixed it.

Jumping in to note that we also saw an improvement late in the workday yesterday and so far this morning also seems to be much improved.

Hopefully the doxy team can confirm that some sort of issue was resolved and keep us informed. Thanks!

So far today a couple of my providers reported theirs visits are working better. Lets hope the issue has been fixed.

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Same issues, has been fine for the past few months and the past three days - NOT connecting every day now for three days!!!

Same here. If you find something better, please let us know. Looking for something:

  1. Dedicated waiting room URL
  2. Limited technical hurdles for the patients: More software, passwords, differences in platforms, the worse
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our providers are having the a problem same issue, calls cut out, poor video quality, unable to add other participants to a call. This started late last week and continues to be an issue.

Also having numerous providers with connection issues. For me personally, it’s unusable. I’ve given up with tech support and trying different things. Different computers, different networks, different patients, different settings, different audio/video hardware, everything tech support asked and more. Still doesn’t work for me. Some of our providers are still using but most are having a lot of issues with dropped calls, A/V issues, etc. I’m just using doximity for visits and zoom for meetings/groups now and that’s going much better. We won’t be doing telehealth much longer so it’s not worth switching the entire clinic at this point, but very disappointed in doxy’s service

I am experiencing the same connection problems. I have had to switch to Zoom frequently this week. When there are poor or slow connections, Zoom is fine but Doxy has been unworkable.

It has been frustrating the past 2 days and gotten progressively worse. I just got a new desktop yesterday but it’s made no difference.
I can send text/email invites to pts, they appear in my waiting room, but I am never able to get their video to come up. We cannot hear each other. Patients report that my video is frozen. This is multiple patients using a range of devices, both iOS and Android platforms, phones, tablets, laptops. I spoke to our IT department and they reported many colleagues are also having difficulty, and that the problems don’t seem to be on our end.
Strangely enough, the only time I can actually get the platform to work is if I text myself to my personal cell/tablet. But then again I’m sitting right next to the desktop.
I have had success with Doximity video today, so I doubt it’s our system here.
DoxyBot is useless.