All my providers having issues

ok Im looking at hippa compliant platform once I’m out of office lease in sept just heard back from zoom
and they confirmed to get a baa and hippa compliant 200/mo

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Same here. It is both frustrating and embarrassing. And yes, if you do find something better please advise1

We are having same issues from last week. Doc will see patient in waiting room. They try to connect. Progress circle turns slowly, then disappears, patient still in room. We try again, same deal. Patient might see the doctor but only for a brief second. Other times the screen is black for the doctor and no connection. This started for us on June 2, 2020. Some times it works, other times it does not. Appears to be random. We’ve cleared chrome cache, ensured the Docs have the latest version of chrome, etc. Our Networking Team checked the Firewalls - no issues. We have provided support with the detailed meeting history (on left side of screen) for analysis.

The issue is widespread d for us. Anyone else from last week (June 2 and beyond) still encountering this ?

Have the same issue for the same time frame, like you I have our IT engaged and they have been unable to find anything on our end that would cause the problems with the calls.

Yes - thats when it seemed to start being every day for us - almost every visit. Before it was only here and there. Now it’s a constant problem.

Hi all,

We have been working with our vendors this week to see if this was a systemic issue. They informed me today they believe they’ve identified an error causing improper connection issues and timeouts. They told me one fix was already implemented, but other changes will go into effect soon.

Please keep posting on this thread if you notice improvements/changes. And reach out to our support team via the chat support option, or email directly with specific instances (time and location) to help us diagnose and fix the issues.


We’ve been working with our vendor, Vonage to address these issues. Here’s a quick update:

  • They are changing their infrastructure that caused connection timeouts/delays
  • This impacted restricted networks (folks with firewalls/whitelists etc) who ended up meeting with someone on a poor connection (think patient on a mobile device with limited bars of service)
  • The added delay between establishing the connection from the restricted network and the person with a poor connection made the connection timeout instead of finalizing the connection

They promised me they’ve already made several changes to mitigate this, and we are continuing to work with them. If you are still seeing issues, please post here or email us directly with more specifics.


I have providers that are still experiencing connection issues with their patients today.

@scottfields we are looking into it.

All, I have gone ahead and posted an update on our status page and will continue to post updates there and here as they come in.

I was able to sign up for the zoom platform with a group of 10 and then you can share their highest package for just $200 for the year. I signed up for it as a back up to Doxy, but I am using it so much that I think I will end my Doxy subscription it just fails so often!

thanks I’m looking in to doing that with a group but the admin must share the BAA and I heard from
one group that was an issue

I have one pt, who is an IT specialist, with whom my side audio and video freeze every 5 mins. I have to restart and then it’s fine, but have to do it again every 5 mins. After doing this 6 or 7 times it won’t work at all and we have to go to phone. Diagnostics on my side are fine. This continues to happen when I’ve switched to using my clinic’s account (top level).

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The Status Page post had great tone explaining the failures in communication in regards to all the connection issues suffered in the past few weeks. I reached out to customer service through chat, but that was asinine.

While fixes are being explored, needs to realize that taking weeks to resolve an issue isn’t inconvenient (like Facebook being down), it’s devastating. Many businesses, like mine, rely on telehealth to meet with clients exclusively. Without the ability to connect we are unable to work.

Finally, also it would be good to remember your audience. Many of us are in the healthcare field and while a few may have backgrounds or understanding of tech, it would be good if you explained what IP whitelisting is and how it works for those who want to be proactive in resolving their connection issues.


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We are exploring Google Meet as an alternative to presently. With G-Suite, Google offers a BAA. You can create a Meet and share a link without the other party having a Gmail account. The cost is much lower and you get a host of HIPAA compliant features under the BAA as well, all for $12 a month.

very interesting look forward to hearing if gsuit is more stable and reliable performance pl keep posted

I assume you have the clinic version I’m on pro I’m going to give your suggestion a try and I just changed
my browser to google chrome to see if that makes any difference before leaving this platform as I love the ease of it when it works ugh should we have to be telling all our pts how to do this I don’t have an it spec walking people through this Victoria Ehmen

thank you for saying that I looked IP whitelisting and still have no idea what they are talking about imagine if when we went to our office it would be different every day that’s what this is like

On the contrary, I have the simple cheapest pro version, and I’m doing it all myself. We have started having the Office mgr go into the office & set up pts & get on Doxy for the pts that have NO internet access. Again, still seeing pts daily on Doxy, & the only problems cont to be w/pts on cell phones in areas of poor reception and/or their browser is NOT Google or Firefox … Samsung browser does NOT work, nor Microsoft Edge.

However, I"m seeing a LOT of folks that can NOT find the “Pre-call Test” feature … & I have looked on their phones as well *& can NOT find it?? Seems it was always there in a little box to clik after pt checked in, but did something change? Cuz I’m (& pts ) NOT seeing it anymore? That was very helpful to get pts audio & video working - or does it only come up IF their audio/video isn’t working (meaning if all is working then don’t need the test???)

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:crossed_fingers:that this works