Allow clinic members to see which patient other members are in a call with

It would be useful if there were a way for support staff such as case workers to identify which client they were with when in a waiting room, to make it easier for the doctors to find everyone for a group session.

Not saying to rewrite the whole landing page, but under the your name box, it could ask if you’re “with” someone… maybe color them differently or otherwise indicate them in the waiting room.

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That’s a very good idea! I’m going to move your post to our Features Requests category, where our developers are more likely to see it.

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Thanks Adam - that is the biggest usability issue that we have run into, making sure that all members of a group session are included. I have gotten feedback from a few of our case managers that they have sat in the waiting room for the duration of a session with the doc never joining them in and the doc says they never realized the CM was there.

The flip side is that our docs do not know who the case workers are for the clients, they only know the clients, so if the platform can help connect the caseworker (or family member, or whomever) to the patient somehow, that would be excellent.