Allow REFRESH in the desktop App

In the PC Desktop App, there have been times where a patient fleetingly appears in the waiting room but then disappears. With the browser link, a REFRESH will often restore visibility of their presence.
There is no similar option in the App, other than closing and reopening. This would be less than desirable because if the App is closed, the patient thinks I’ve left the office.
A work-around has been to use the menu option to open in Chrome, which is workable. But it requires having 2 browsers open (one for EMR).

Adding a REFRESH capability to the App could be helpful!

Hi Dr. Salomon!

Thank you for writing in with your feature request.

In the meantime, if you are showing offline please make sure that you are completely signed in with your email and password and are not at the link you provided to your patient. The link you send your patient is for their access only. You will see them show in your waiting room from your dashboard.


  1. Log into your room at OR your clinic url with your email and password
  2. Check the waiting room for your patient to show
  3. It’s always good practice to have your dashboard up a few moments before the call starts so your patient immediately sees that you’re online!
  4. If your dashboard is STILL showing as offline please refresh your browser

Here is a quick article from our Help Page that can assist in additional troubleshooting as well.

Have you ever logged in to two different devices? Some times if you are logged into another device and it goes to sleep or locks up it can show you as offline. Are you getting text messages when a patient enters your room? When you get a text that they are there but don’t see them try refreshing your browser like you have been doing.
Thank you so much, and please write back in if you need anything else! Happy Holidays!

Paige Treadway

Thanks, I’ll check all my devices and make sure that only one is logged in.


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Great! I really do think this might help. And if you ever need anything else, we are here!

Happy New Year!

Paige Treadway