Analytics and Reports about Providers Activity

Where can we see our providers connection activity/available?

We need to see, connected days, Connection Duration, last connection day time, duration.
If never connected, show it as well…
Calls Drops, Calls hang-ups, etc.

Hi @bosley,

I might be able to help with some of your requests.

  1. I can add the Meeting History Export to your account. Send an email to with the email associated with your account. The export will have:
  • Date
  • Provider’s Name
  • Room that the call took place in
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Duration
  • Waiting Time
  1. We’re working on better ways to capture dropped calls but if you are on the Clinic subscription you can upload the exported meeting history data into this dashboard. There are a few graphs to give you more insights into the data. You can see the number of calls that are less than 30 seconds, in some cases these can indicate a dropped call because it’s rare to have a 30 second call with a client.

  2. You can see the last time providers had a call with the User List Export. Account Settings > Clinic Settings > Manage Users > Export user list.

  3. We’re collecting feedback on what insights are most useful here: Analytics Dashboard Feedback