Any Update on Safari 14.0 and 14.0.1 sound issues

It looks like almost all webRTC-based platforms are struggling with Safari 14.0 and 14.0.1 (especially the sound issue during the first 2 minutes of a visit). I was wondering if Doxy has any guidelines/recommendations for us?
Other platforms have been contacting customers and offering possible temporary solutions/workaround. Are you planning to do the same? what kind of support can we expect?


I agree that the distortion is horrible and I’m shocked that nothing can be done about it. It is so disruptive to the teletherapy work and one has to make excuses for the dysfunction. For the number of people served, should do everything possible to correct the problem, spare no expense. It sure makes me want to jump ship. And to think that I am now getting constant messages about signing up for a year long subscription. Wow! Really!! Please fix the problem. It’s your business and ethical responsibility to do so. Thank you.

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I don’t work for Doxy but you should know that this isn’t just a Doxy issue - it is happening on a lot of other videoconference platforms. According to other videoconference sites, Safari/iOS 14.2 created a bug in the WebRTC that affects the call audio. The bug will likely be fixed in iOS 14.3, and this will probably be released next week.

Meanwhile, if you are on a Mac, try switching to using Google Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately, if you are on an ipad or iphone using 14.2, you might have to wait for the update. I hope that helps!

I have the same problem. When I called Apple they blamed Doxyme; just like Apple to blame someone else. However, it IS Safari that is the problem and it began after the wonderful update. I found the information regarding Safari on the internet. Hopefully, the correction update doesn’t cause more problems.

I have an Apple laptop and I am having the same audio problems noted above at least the first two min and often much longer. I am unable to understand my clients who all sound like the creature from the movie “Predator.” It has been like this for weeks and weeks now. Please fix it so I don’t have to look elsewhere for an alternative!

Well, I hate to disappoint but a very similar problem exists using Chrome on MacOS (10.15.x). Here is where it may be different. About 35% of the time initially the audio distortion is as described. BUT, typically within 30 seconds it improves dramatically. Neither I or my patient changes anything and I have learned to quickly send them a text asking them to be patient for 30 seconds. “If it is difficult to hear me clearly, please nod your head and wait about 30 seconds. It usually clears up.” seems to suffice.

I agree, this MUST be fixed.


I’ve had the same problems with Doxy on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I’ve even changed internet providers and upgraded my service to the best I can find. Ironically, I’ve not had the same problems on Zoom, which is so disappointing. Zoom is notoriously hacked, so I don’t feel comfortable using them, but I have clients who insist since Doxy is so poor. I’ve had classes (in another profession) with 75 people on Zoom without these problems. Since we pay for Doxy, it seems they should do all they could to provide, an at least, acceptable service.

It is impossible to believe the administrators are not aware of the persistent sound quality issues with their product. And I agree it is high time to solve it.

They should go to the software engineers with an ultimatum to track their code for the bugs and squash them once and for all. That includes the possibility that they need to hire a digital sound engineer to deal with various microphone setups, noise cancelling, feedback loops and other errors that their code is not capturing or squashing automatically. And if it does so, it is taking way too long so optimize that code. I know that my business is actively shopping for an alternative product and will leave if this issue is not solved, and soon.

Just agreeing with @jammin that it is ALSO on Chrome which self-resolves within 30"’ and ALSO with the OP @rezafarahani about the sound on Safari & @davidgarvelink who described it as the voice from Predator! That gave me a :rofl: even tho it is disruptive, obviously, to our calls.

I also want to note that, as the provider using CHROME I do NOT hear the problem; its only my patients, in case that adds some technical assistance. Also, Fri 12/11/20 & its still happening.

I’m just wondering if anyone at Doxy that does technical support is reading all this?

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this is exactly what is happening to me all day. I use chrome and it resolves if I recall them or after a short time but very frustrating to both of us.

This isn’t true I’ve tried zoom and this isn’t happening at all. I have various issues with doxy me so often along with my colleagues.
I am done.

Totally agree! The sounds issues are ridiculous and they always have something to blame
It on.

Same! I’m over doxy!

Good news!

It looks like Apple’s new iOS which includes Safari 14.3 will be released today. The sound issues has been resolved in iOS 14.3 :tada:

The new iOS (14.3) is expected to be released today. The sound issues have been resolved in Safari 14.3. I will put a note in our waiting rooms for patients to encourage them to update their iOS asap.

I was having the same issue and had to switch to PowWow

Me too!! My colleagues and I have switched to PowWow and it works way better. Also, we can actually talk with someone if we have an issue.

I find that Doxy was the best platform till about 2 weeks ago. At that point I had to reload and use face time with almost all patients, which does not make sense since doxy platform is not free of charge…

  • loading takes forever

  • Patients do not hear me

  • I do not see or hear them

  • Static does not allow communication

  • wasting time hoping for good connection, than have to disconnect and use other mode of communication.

I liked Doxy and decided to stay with them by July, since I had good connection and big screen.

Now I am looking for something else.

Are there any suggestions about good platform with big screen and no abundant technical issue?

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I have only used Chrome and this is a regular issue. It does seem to improve after a minute or two. However, with folks using an ipad or phone it often returns after about 20 minutes and we have to end and restart. Clearly this can be disruptive depending on what is happening in the session.