Apple Sound Not Loud

So since the latest apple update I can barely hear my clients. I still cannot see clients who are using ipads or iphones when I’m on my laptop so I have to use my ipad for those calls. I have to keep the ipad plugged in or else it’ll drop the call within 20/40 minutes.

Has doxy been able to address the issues with Ipads and Iphones? Thank you.

Apple recently made an update to their Web browser, Safari, that is the cause of this volume issue. We are trying to find ways to mitigate it, but unfortunately the problem itself will require a new update from them. Apple are aware of the problem, is far from the only service impacted, so hopefully it will not be long.

Wearing headphones should fix the volume, have you tried that? Otherwise, we have identified a couple of workarounds that sometimes have solved the problem for customers:

Workaround #1

  1. Start a call
  2. Open iOS settings > Accessibility > Hearing devices
  3. Hearing Aid Compatibility> Toggle On/Off. The end result of leaving the setting on or off does not matter for the call, just flip the setting.

Note: Workaround 1 only impacts the current call. These steps would need to be repeated for your following calls.

Workaround #2

  1. Open a new browser tab in that browser (DO NOT close the doxy tab)
  2. Pull up in the new tab
  3. Select anything and play it for a few seconds
  4. Close the tab with youtube in it and go back to Doxy tab
  5. The Volume should be remain at the normal higher volume

We have a post about this issue on our status page, if you’d like you can subscribe to email or text notifications when there are updates to that post: Inc. Status - Safari 15: Low Audio During Calls

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I used to use an iOS up-to-date (15.1) iPad to see pts, and was having many problems. But, since I switched to a Windows laptop, I have hardly had any problems regardless of whether my pts. are on an apple device or not. So, it makes me wonder if it’s really only an Apple issue. I do wish Doxy’s video feed was as clear as that on FaceTime.

Hey Drew, so I primarily use my Windows laptop but have to switch to ipad if my client is using an ipad or iphone. On my laptop I am unable to see them, it is a black screen but I can hear them. I haven’t been able to see a solution to that and I remember bringing that up before.

My clients and i are having lots of problems recently with no sound or the call being dropped during the session. They get frustrated when their process is disturbed. Please, help.

Okay, so I finally AFTER MONTHS of not being able to talk to apple clients on my laptop finally figured out it was my anti-virus program blocking their camera. Once I used my actual google chrome and not the app on my laptop for doxy I was able to see and hear my clients. You’re going to have use Google Chrome exclusively.

Hi, I had to use FaceTime today as the audio was so low on chrome via iPad Pro.
Also found they or myself were being logged out instead of being connected after starting a call.
I can’t insist my clients use headphones as they are often on their mobile so finding this service isn’t going to work. Great concept and I hope it does soon minus the need for a headset which negates ease of use.

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