Appointment reminders to patients

A super feature and one that would generate more users of your service would be automated appointment reminders to patients via email and text. (NOTE: Some services even do robocalls a day or two ahead as a reminder). These emails and texts should state the date and time of the appointment (reminder) as well as have the options to 1) Confirm, 2) Reschedule or 3) Cancel the appointment. This is similar to what Realatient (dot) net does. A slight upcharge for would still save those of us using other services money per month.


Oops. The mentioned website above should be Relatient(dot)net.

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do you mean its not working better check out Neeraj Clinic

Hi @ynmalhotra and @fwwc, thank you for posting.

We actually do have this in mind. We have a partner company: that we are actively working on integrating with. This system will do simple reminders just like this (and a few extra).

I believe we have a simple integration build into we could show you if you are interested in being an early beta tester. @DoctorZ can help.

Or you are more than welcome to try out in the meantime.

I’m interested in the beta tester how do I get in touch with Brian? Thanks!

Hey Dylan - I am interested in your beta design. How can i get in touch with you?


Hi @dcbarlapsharon sorry, I didn’t see this. I will send you and @DoctorZ in an email.

If anyone else sees this feel free to reach out to for beta access.