Asynchronous telehealth - any interest?

Hi all, I’m curious if there is any interest in asynchronous telemedicine abilities? Something that would let you send and receive video messages while the other person is not “online” at the same time as you. Something like “snapchat” for doctors I guess could be the quick pitch.

Just had someone ask about this so trying to judge additional interest. Feel free to leave your comments/thoughts here.

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Sounds interesting. So a patient could leave a video message and I can answer via a separate video message?

Hi @blueridgecounseling, yes exactly right. An example scenario could be something like:

A patient/client checks into your waiting room when you are not “online”, or during some defined “off hours”. The client could be prompted to “leave Mr. Turner a message and they will respond when they can.” Which would then allow them to record a message for you with audio and video. This message would then be made available to watch you next time you log in. There are still lots of details to work out, but that’s the basic idea.

A non-healthcare related service that does this is called Loom. I’ve used it with colleagues and for some ideas it’s quicker/easier to record a quick video for them to view then to try and write up and email or chat message.

I like this idea. I use Marco Polo on my phone as a way to leave video messages for family members and friends. It is a fun and convenient way to stay in touch.