Audio Call Only

I am going to bring this topic back up.
I find it useful for clients with limited and poor cellular data.
I can start an audio call and it turns off my video, but the client still transmits video. Also this has to be done at the beginning of the call.
If I can turn off my video and send a request that the client turn off video and its is as simple as clicking a notification or similar that would work great.

I have a client I have done audio calls with for a long time. I just start a session and turn off video and she does the same. So it’s just audio. I sent her instructions on how to do that prior to our session. Never had a problem.
And when some client’s are having trouble with their internet turning off the video also saves a lot of bandwith so you can complete the session.

Not sure what you mean about ‘clicking a notification’. Are you wanting a program change or something?

Hi @massenasober, thanks for posting. We actually have a feature for this, check out our help article on audio only calling