Audio drops first 2 seconds of client

When clients begin to talk there is no audio for about 2 seconds. When they are silent a few seconds and start again, the audio waits another 2 seconds to begin. This is across browsers and OS’s. Clients are using headphones, some are using computer mics, some bluetooth earbuds. The dropped audio doesn’t seem to come from me, only my clients.

I have that issue as well

I have the same issue as well. Additionally when patients get a phone call that comes in from somewhere else there connection with me is often interrupted and dropped. Is it possible to correct this? I look forward to the response from the Doxy team.

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This same issue happens often with my clients, as well. Is the Doxy team working to resolve this issue?

I have the same issue as well…seems like when a patient is receiving an incoming call during a session the audio cuts out. I have a standard operating procedure that we both sign out, refresh the screen, and sign back in…this works the vast majority of the time…and its frustrating to do this multiple times during a single psychotherapy session.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience with this issue, we understand it is very frustrating to have the audio drop the first two seconds of the call. We are currently looking into this issue and will update the forum accordingly.

Secondly, in regards to the video call getting interrupted when a voice call comes in; can you please provide me more information on specific devices and the OS version this is happening on? We have found that on iPhone iOS 13 and below the call has a high chance of being interrupted, however, if the OS is updated it’s less likely to occur.

Thanks again for the report in the forum and we are working on solutions as we speak. Happy Monday!