Audio Interrupted w/ incoming call

When the patient gets a call during a telemed visit it interrupts the audio and the provider can no longer hear the patient. Tips on how to fix this issue? Even restarting the call does not correct the problem.


I have the same problem…

I would also like to know the answer to this problem!

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To avoid an incoming message interrupting the video call:

When scheduling patients for the online visit, ask them to please set their cell phone to “Do not Disturb” mode.

Here’s how to set your iPhone to ‘Do Not Disturb’:

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and set Manual to ‘on’. You can also adjust your ‘Allow Calls From’ setting to ‘none’.

Or Swipe up on your Home Screen and select the moon icon, which turns ‘Do Not Disturb’ on.

For Android devices:

Settings>Sound and Notification (under “Device”)>Do not Disturb (under “Notification”); under this setting you can even set up a schedule for the do not disturb time or choose “now.”

Hope this helps.

I have had the same problem. I am having Audi problems generally with garbled audio to the point that I cannot understand. Have sometimes had to mute my audio and the clien’t and use mobile phones while keeping the audio on.

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Exactly the same problem here. Perhaps with two patients only.

I am experiencing similar challenges. It does appear to occur with 3 patients in particular. None of the suggested solutions seem to work; restarting and rebooting entire system until connection is established, which sometimes takes up to 7-8 minutes. Once stable connection is established it usually lasts entire session.

Yes I have noticed the same recurring problem losing client audio when the client gets an incoming phone call. This has happened with several clients who use smartphones. I believe they are Android phones, but I have not double-checked whether any are iPhone users. I have asked clients to turn on their “Do Not Disturb” function. This problem has still happened, as a call notification still comes through on their phone. The client then Dismisses the call notification, but I can no longer hear them (I can still see them and they can see and hear me fine). My guess is the phone call took access to the microphone, and didn’t give it back. Our solution so far has been turn it off and on again, and that works, but takes a minute or two to reboot and re-login, which interrupts the session. Can the tech team fix the issue, or else offer a quicker solution for clients to try to reestablish audio? Please note, the reason I don’t ask clients to go on Flight Mode is that if the video call drops I might need to text/call that same phone.