Audio is interrupted in the middle of a session

It is happen repeatedly that, in the middle of a session that started well, the audio is interrupted. Nothing to do with muting. This is a real problem. Anybody else having this issue? Any tech support?

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Who is interrupted, you or the client? Does it drop completely or is it garbled or choppy. Apparently, audio is a problem with Apple devices. I have chronic issues when the client is using and Apple device.

Tech support is the chat function with the premium, paid version.

It happened several times, on some occasions I could not be heard and other times I could not hear my clients. I talked to a colleague who was having the same difficulties this week. The issues happen after the session was going fine, so it is unclear that the problems are on the users’ end.

Same thing keeps happening to me. Either the patient can’t hear me or I can’t hear them. today was different, I could not connect at all!!! all day!!! is this a server problem? I checked with my internet provider and a rebooted everything and still could not use it

I had an awful day too with connecting Multiple audio issues. was working then stopped Have had it Off to set up the zoom account waiting room way too much time spent on multiple reboots, trouble shooting And no support from DOXYME who says everything is fine NOT

I wonder if Doxy Tech support reads these emails and can respond. I have the paid professional version and it is not acceptable that the technology fails so often! Very frustrating

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I have the paid professional version also, which acknowledges that doxyme is aware that these are professionals using it who are paid by the hour to practice medicine, not provide tech support for a lackadaisical product riding on it’s one claim that it is HIPAA compliant. The lack of a strong doxyme presence in these pages of reported problems speaks volume. I searched all over for a CEO stating he was aware there were some new problems and that someone was working on the issues. Nothing


I’m having the same issues. I have the “pro” version and the client will start with good audio, then it’s interrupted. They can hear me, but I can’t hear them. I happens over different devices with different users.

From what I can tell, no solutions have been offered, right? (This is my first time using the community search, so I’m not sure if I missed the solution.)

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for chatting in about the audio issues you are experiencing. I am very sad to see such a widespread issue with audio dropping. I want to help you tackle this issue. I have a few recommendations and questions. You may have already done these but I still want to offer.

  1. Is this an issue on group calling or one on one calls? What devices are you and your patient on?
  2. We are aware that IPads are causing audio issues on group calls. We have a ticket with our dev team investigating this. IOS devices, such as IPhone/ IPad with Facetime have a hard time letting go of permissions.
  3. Are your patients or you getting a call during the session? If you get a call during the session on an IPhone the microphone will automatically try to revert to the phone call. We recommend asking your patients to put their phone on do not disturb during their session.
  4. Are your patients taking the pre-call test in the bottom left of your waiting room? You do not need to be there for them to test their camera and mic. I know some are reporting the session is starting out good then the audio drops. Just wondering if that test is helping or not.
  5. My last thought is a bandwidth issue. Has anyone asked their patient to take the speed test? Has any providers taken the speed test we offer? This could identify the issue. This article has four tests that will help identify issues on either end.

We like to break it down into two paths:

  • If you are having an audio drop or bad quality with every single session with multiple different patients, it is most likely an issue on your end with bandwidth or firewall issues.

  • If you are only having issues with one patient (let’s say Sally) every time you meet with Sally, it most likely is on Sally’s end.

There is a huge misunderstanding that if a provider takes the tests and gets back really great results, they should be good to go. That is not the case. You and your patient have to both have great results. We are a peer to peer connection so calls are dependent on you and your patient’s connection. You can read more about our peer to peer connection here: Understanding's peer-to-peer technology | Help Center

Thanks again for chatting, I hope these recommendations help! Please reach out to our team via the teal help button in the bottom right of your dashboard. The bot, as nice as he is, will help get you to the right person and the right team. You won’t have to talk to him forever! You or your patients can also call us at (844) 436-9963.

-Paige Treadway
Customer Success Manager

And today one of the parties to a conference call who had had no problem joining the last two weeks could not even get in. It showed her that she was in the waiting room, but that was not visible on my end.

it seems this happens often when the patient is on a cellphone and they get an incoming call or text.

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I’ve worked with the free version of doxy in one setting and the audio never stopped working there. I’ve tried the Pro version with just two of my private practice clients and with both calls everything started fine but they couldn’t hear me halfway through the call and we had to exit and go back in. I believe both of my clients were on phones or tablets. At least one of them was likely an iPhone. I am on a MacBook Air. I am beginning to think this may not be the best platform for me. Called support but they don’t have time to answer so I had to leave a voicemail.

I am having the same problems using the Pro version. I can’t detect any consistent pattern, either on my end, or among my clients. I’m starting to look for affordable alternatives. I can’t have a client in tears, talking about harming herself, and have my audio or video cut out!!


I have same problems. Very frustrating as I am doing psychogheray.

I am with you on this issue.

To those on this thread:
We’ve found that this can occur with patients using iPhones, and have had some success by following the instructions found in this discussion thread:
Iphone problems

In sum-- have your iPhone users enable their Do-Not-Disturb (DND) feature:

I’ve encouraged all my providers to have this posted on their Waiting Room page.

This continues to be the Achilles heel of I want this portal to succeed but they can’t seem to tackle this issue. I have to go to my backup portal two to three times per day, lose precious time and have seem less professional due to this pervasive glitch. I’m close to leaving … hoping for a miracle from the tech folk at

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It is a pervasive flaw with I have the paid service, am reasonably tech savvy and see this as an intrinsic problem with the service. I certainly don’t want to switch to another service but am surprised customer service/tech seems so unaware of the importance of this problem and risk to their brand.

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I have audio problems whether I use a MacBook or iPhone. I have internet with Verizon Fios bundle with cable and land line.
I’m about to drop Doxy and go with Zoom. Haven’t heard provider having this chronic problem with Zoom

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