Audio isn’t working properly: Clients sound like robots!

Each time a new client logs on and I start the session’, they sound like robots. Does not matter if using a phone or computer or tablet. I usually have them hang up and call back, and when they do the same sound happens for a minute or so and then magically goes away. Any ideas how to make it stop?? This has been happening since Friday (11/13).

I have been having the same issues, it is being addressed by engineers and being discussed in a couple of other threads, so you are not alone. Seems to be a Safari 14.0.1 issue, I would be curious to see if you are using that browser, or if the problem is more widespread?
The other threads you might check out are “Intermittent Sound Distortion” and “MacOS Big Sur Audio Issue”.

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Same issue. I had to use Chrome to be able to get good audio but then the video seemed a bit choppy. Not as good as I got on Safari. Haven’t tried Firefox yet.

Same problem Monday and Tuesday. I hope it is cleared up soon. This is very disruptive.

Same issue for me. Using Safari on either IPad or Mac OS.

Chrome is choppy for me, but not as bad as Safar. Very frustrating!