Audio Only Calling


We’ve had a few people ask for this. Tell us if you’d like it as well, and specifically in what situations it would be useful.

Do you need all the time? Or is it just for certain calls that you would like it to be audio only?


I would definitely like this feature. I have some clients in remote areas where the connectivity is not as stable. Audio only would make counselling to these clients possible.


I definitely agree with the issue of audio only call for persons in rural areas for whom reception might be limited as a means of keeping a successful support group going.


I would love to use an audio-only option. There is often some lag with video making it a frustrating experience for the client.


Thank you for the feedback, we are planning on adding this soon.

In the meantime you can disable your camera after the call is started by pressing this button:

Give it a try and let us know if it helps with people in low bandwidth situations.


We would definitely use the “audio only calling”. In my practice we only require video call for specific cases so audio would be the first option. Please let me know once you enable this! Thanks!


We will be working on this in October!

New Patient Queue (feedback requested!)

Hey all, we are taking feedback on a new design that includes this feature. Check it out here: New Patient Queue (feedback requested!)