Audio Problem - Cracking Sound

I am having audio problems where I have to switch to another platform. It is a cracking sound or a delay. Help!!! I would appreciate any assistance on how to resolve it.

Hi There,

We recently identified an issue in Safari version 14.0.1 that is causing Static/clicking noises for the first minute or so and then it goes to normal(regardless if you are not using Safari, the patient may be), It is not just us impacted, but all webRTC applications. We are waiting for apple to release version 14.3 that fixes the issue (potentially this Monday, 14th).

For right now here are the best work arounds are:
1/Start a chat with the patient and tell them the audio just needs 30-60 seconds to resolved.
2/Ask if they have another device at their disposal and use one of below browsers:
3/Some initial websites are reporting this 14.3 will be released Dec 14th, we are hoping this is true.

For Windows Laptop/Desk: Chrome, Edge, Firefox (No Internet Explorer)
For Mac Laptop/iMac: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
For iPhone/iPad: Safari Only at this time (This may have brief audio clicking)
For Android Mobile/Tablet: Chrome, Edge, Samsung, Firefox (No I.E.)

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We have many users that are having audio static and garble on windows machines using chrome browsers so I don’t know if it is related, being you are blaming Safari and Apple. But this issue has been going on for the last two weeks. Please investigate and update.


I’ve had a lot of problems with clients saying there is a crackling sound. Also clients saying they cant hear me. Additionally the video chat freezing up. I have been using chrome and letting my clients know to use chrome. If this continues I may have to switch to another provider.