"Audio Problem"

Very commonly I will have a good visual and audio connection that after about 5 or 10 minutes: The 2-way video remains good and I continue to hear my patient well, but when I speak there is a crackling sound that corresponds exactly to the patient telling me that the audio on their end suddenly has severe static. This seems to happen very often and in situations where there appears to be good speed and bandwidth.
It is really becoming a big problem. Any ideas?

I had bad audio with one client yesterday. Her sound kept cutting out for me. I assumed it was poor internet connection her end. Whenever I’ve had clients with poor audio, I encourage them to move closer to their wi-fi router in their home. When they have been able to do so, it has made a big difference. Unfortunately this is not always possible when clients also need privacy from others in their home. Are you sure you have good speed and bandwidth in your own location? Test it and/or call your internet provider.

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I was unable to hear my patient. I tried restarting, changing microphone types, ending and restarting the call… HELP!! Any ideas/suggestions – I had to reschedule the appointment.

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same thing. Good connection then after 2 minutes I can no longer hear them

I’m also having this audio problem and it’s not due to WiFi signal.

I wish Dixy.me had better engineers to upgrade a platform that has seen the addition of a ton of providers in this pandemic.

Many times, I have to abandon Doxy and we then move to FaceTime which is flawless by comparison.

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I, too, am doing half my sessions via FaceTime on some days now. It is frustrating, and terribly unprofessional.

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I just had the exact problem you described. The call began fine. Halfway through session, everytime I spoke, there was audio crackling/clicking/static sounds, both the client and I could hear the sounds, which made it very difficult for the client to discern what I was saying. The problem escalated til it was so bad, so we ended the session early.

Yeah—this has happened in up to about 30% of my telehealth sessions. Enough that I am looking for a different platform rather than Doxy. Interesting, however, so far it has not happened yet this week?

Thanks for the contact. (If you have a different program you think may be worth considering, please let me know!) Simple Practice has an all-in-one program that includes telehealth but also scheduling, billing, charting, & everything. More than I need but looks good for a solo practice just starting up with web-based practice.

I found another thread which identified the probable cause of the problem, seems to be a microphone feedback issue, which seems to pretty much only occur with clients who use iphones. Getting the client to use headphones has solved the problem for me. If the client doesn’t have headphones handy, the client logging out and then back in again (or else restarting the phone) can work for another 10-20 minutes before the problem starts up again.

So what’s the solution to improving the audio? Can anyone share whats worked well for you? My audio keeps cutting out, the call got disconnected.

I too am looking for a solution for audio issues. I have one client who uses a mac and the static is often unbearable at my end. It goes away when I speak but is constant otherwise. They cannot move to any other area. We both have restarted and done sound checks. It doesn’t change. Client says my voice is fine at their end, just a little softer.

Thank you for that information. As this problem is frequent and ongoing, I am currently looking at other platforms; any suggestions?

I have been using PowWow Telehealth and it works much smoother. Similar to doxy in features and price but with way less issues and better support.

Tried PowWow Health. Absolutely better support AND better audio/video connection! Deal Breaker: No easy way to invite patients to waiting room via cell number. Only email. Too bad, though I had my new platform, but—still searching.

I have been unable to hear a single patient for two days: 7 patients yesterday, and my first patient today. Both patients and my own pretests show no problems. This is a serious & significant issue since I have to go to some other platform in order to actually have psychotherapy sessions.

Yes, seem Doxy may still be overwhelmed. Please advise if you find a platform that you find satisfactory.

I’m also having a similar problem with the last two patients. Good video feed but no audio coming from them although they can both see and hear me. I muted my audio and used the phone so we could see each other as we talked. Not good but better than nothing.

Yes. That is a compromise, but it feels very unprofessional to have to deal with a glitchy platform that is delaying the prompt beginning of a session.

Yes, this problems occurs often for me. I sign out and in again and most times it helps. Also very low volume is a problem upon connecting. I do the same. Sometimes, the low volume self-corrects after five minutes of use.

I’m hoping that Doxy does away with the free use so every practitioner pays their own way. That extra income can be used for additional servers and engineers.