Audio problems with Safari 14.0

Are others still experiencing audio “break-up” problems when using Safari 14.0? I understand this was recognized as a problem a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to me that things improved, but now the problem seems to have returned.

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I am experiencing the same issues today. Has anyone found any solutions to this issues?

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We are experiencing too! Is anyone from Doxy researching?


Problems for me, too - but with any browser on my phone (iPhone). I often use my phone for the call and my computer for notes. But I’ve had to use my computer for both recently due to this audio issue.

I find I am having audio problems - static and clients tell me I sound “robotic” - and I am using Chrome has been happening for weeks - I’m using a computer thats not even 90 days old and have had HP support look at it but to no avail
appears that the longer I use the program the worse it gets

I am having problems as well with using Safari. So frustrating! It has been two weeks now. I tried calling the phone number that is listed for and tried to submit a chat request but no response so far.

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I don’t mean to be rude here, everything I read in doxey says that Chrome and FirFox are the only search engines that work, it’s actually true. I use Chrome and about 90% of the time no problems. I live 18 miles south of marquette Mi where internet services is less than in more populated areas. Of the approximately 10% of my issues most of it is static. The occasional inability to connect or abrupt dropped connection is my service provider, a power issue. So I don’t even encourage Firefox because Chrome, for my anyway, rocks.

Dear Ralph,

Just an additional point — while I agree that Chrome is recommend and generally great for Doxy audio and video, in my experience, the screenshare function works better in Safari than in Chrome. The Safari audio problem in new and that combination of events led to the question.


It got much worse with IOS 15. I’m now using my PC, and no longer have any problems. Doxy, it seems, is not optimized for Apple devices. I hope they fix that as I’d much rather use my iPad.

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Very helpful to know others using iPadPro/IOS 15 are having problems. It would be great if Doxy would optimize for Apple devices.