Audio quality ongoing problems

I need help with this audio quality issue
doing the pre call test; patients are doing the test; there is terrible audio quality on the patient end, lots of popping sounds and its making the visit very difficult. happens about 50% of the time. i got rid of all bluetooth or wireless devices around my computer, went to a wired headset and mic, no improvement. i have patients saying they have done ZOOM with other offices in the same location as they did visit with me and had no problems. how can we fix this?!?

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I’ve been doing an informal survey of which clients have audio problems and all of them have been using IOS devices, either iPads or IPhones and all have been on wifi with good signal strength. I’ve had clients disconnect and reconnect with a PC at the same location and on the same network and the sound problems go away. I think this is a compatibility issue with either IOS or the Safari browser.


thanks; i’ll have people try that and see if it improves; when we first started this a few months ago i was using my ipad for these consults and never had this problem, it became an issue as i have switched over to using my PC and Mac; but another provider in the practice uses ipad often and notes that when she uses it she has same issues. certainly worth a try to have patients use a PC. maybe doxy can work on the potential problem. thanks

day 100 and still happening here too :-1:

so we tried some of the suggestions listed previously; no change. is there any way for someone at to look into this issue, sometimes it works but more often then not the audio is terrible