Audio/Video Issues

Hello, I’m experiencing the following issues with Doxy. I am using the pro version.

  • Audio and video are synced well when using low definition. However, when I try to use standard definition, video usually lags behind the audio. Some clients also tell me that the audio gets screwed up (“you sound like ET!”) when I make the switch to SD. Is this a Doxy issue, or might I need more computer power?
  • All of my clients appear very close to the camera. This seems to be a Doxy issue because it is not the case when I use other platforms. Is Doxy automatically zooming in for some reason? I would like the option to be able to see more (physically) of my clients.


Hey Ryan,
I have the pro version also and thanks for commenting about SD compared to LD. I will definitely try that. My client’s face freezes also. This has gotten worse lately. I reboot, have no one else around me using video, etc. Any suggestions would be great!