Available vs. not available

I am writing because I noticed that even if I am logged into the doxy clinic but have another tab active the notification states “provider offline”

As we aim to duplicate the brick and mortar therapy space in the online environment, this can be confusing. If a practitioner is logged into the clinic, we would like to have the “lights on”. It can be shocking for an individual who is coming to see a practitioner to receive the message that their provider is offline even when their provider is expecting them and the clinic lights are on.

Perhaps I should be using the platform in another way to accomplish the goal?

Hi Lauren, could you give me a few steps on how to reproduce this? (Just want to make sure I’m doing the same thing you are)

I log in as a practitioner in Chrome on a Windows. I toggle to another tab while waiting for the client to arrive.
The client goes to the www.topclinic.doxy.me url to login and there is a notification that the practitioner is offline in the top right corner. The client provides the passcode and enters the waiting room. When in the waiting room the client sees the same notification in the top right corner “pracitioner offline”.
On the pracitioner side, I see the red dot on the logo in the doxy tab so I can see that someone has entered the waiting room. I toggle over to the doxy tab and the notification on the client side changes from “practitioner offline” to “practitioner available”. However, I have been logged in the whole time.

I can’t for the life of me recreate this. But one thing I notice in your post: be sure not to use the “www” in your link. Instead, send/post it like this https://topclinic.doxy.me

But here’s some thoughts to help me figure this out:

  • Does it happen after a certain about of time?
  • Do you get a notification that they checked in (SMS/email/browser etc)?
  • Do you close your laptop, or does your computer go to sleep during this time?
  • Anything else you think could be relevent?


So, I trouble shot a bit today. Here is the image of my laptop logged in as a practitioner with the dashboard sitting open in a non-active tab. Also, you can see the screenshot from my mobile device, logging in as a service-user in the same instance. As you can see, the practitioner is indicated as offline even though they are logged in to an inactive tab.

I noticed today, that this may have to do with your first question “time”. It seems that if I have not moved the mouse recently this offline message appears to the client (ie I am reading an article or chatting with a coworker. The device is not asleep, but doxy.me seems to change this notification). This is not ideal as I am, indeed, sitting in front of the device and logged in. It sends a confusing message to the service-user which does not contribute to building trust in the therapeutic relationship.

Thank you for looking into this, I appreciate the seriousness with which your team investigates these observations while developing exciting future releases simultaneously.