BAA and Individual Users question

I have the wonderful privilege of selecting our telemedicine option. is simple, easy to use, and inexpensive compared to the competition. I am curious, however. We want multiple users, however we will likely all operate under the umbrella of our dentists. Our purposes for telemedicine is mainly in consultations, both to determine if they are likely to have COVID, and to help decide what treatment is best for them, improve our case acceptance in the office, etc.

We would obviously have many different people using from many different locations (with the present climate very much geared towards limiting in person visits to what is necessary). For example, sometimes a Dental Assistant may perform some type of consultation from our office conference room or from home in order to assist with keeping our office compliant w/ social distancing recommendations. At other times, someone may present with an emergency situation and a dentist may take a call at their home during the weekend, obviously to discern whether or not a patient truly needs immediate care, or if they can wait until the next business day to be seen.

Hopefully that helps illuminate the specifics of my question: Does each individual user (dental assistant, dentist, perhaps even front office staff) need to individually sign up and fill out a BAA, or would simply sharing an account opened by one of the dentists be sufficient?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Once you sign up for a clinic account, there will be one BAA that covers all members of the group.

Sounds good. Since we are still trialing this service, would we need to have individuals sign up to perform things under the BAA? I have no doubt we would move towards a clinic account very shortly if we found this fit well with our patient-base, but I am unable to commit to something like that currently.