Background Screen

Can we get a generic screen or generic screen options to use that would allow us to avoid using the background of our home or other location? I am a therapist and the director of a university counseling center, and staff have requested having a generic background option to make the session environment neutral and less personal. This feature is available in a variety of free videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams, so I hope it can be made available on

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I would also appreciate the feature of having a generic background screen available to avoid exposing my home and personal setting.

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for reaching out, in the future we would like to offer some selections to choose from (since we dont store any patient or provider data we would need to make these available unlike say zoom where you can upload and store pictures). But to at least have few generic options or a choice to softly blur the background would be good options for the provider vs the none now. I Made a ticket for this for my team to look into it and maybe we can have something to release by the fall or sooner. but thanks for reach out!!

Hi Colin,

That’s great news! My staff and trainees can really benefit from that feature. I wasn’t interested in the upload a picture feature. I look forward to hearing more about when the generic background screen feature is available. Thank you!