BAD audio connections

This service has become ridiculously bad- I can see patients, they can hear me, I cannot hear them. This has become nearly every single patient and wastes my time all day long!!! What needs to happen to make this more reliable- otherwise I will have to change telemed companies- this has gone from reliable to ridiculous

I am so sorry to hear you are having trouble. Are you encouraging your patients to take the Pre-Call Test before they meet with you? They can take the Pre-Call Test when they come to your waiting room.


I’ve been having a lot of audio problems as well. I use noise canceling headphones consistently, but various patients either cannot hear me (I do the sound check every time I begin), or there are clicking sounds throughout certain sessions that don’t have to do with anybody’s hardware. Sometime the audio on the patient’s end fades in and out for no apparent reason. There have been times when we have stopped sessions so both of us can reboot our entire computers, losing precious time, and still the problem is not corrected. Improvements in this area would be much appreciated.

Hi there,

The audio issues you mention of “clicking sounds and the audio fading in and out” They could be related to network latency (independent of download and upload speeds) But this network latency could be directly related to overall network congestion and packet loss. Here are some short tips on how to improve latency:

Restart your system: If you haven’t turned off your system routers or hardware in a while, now is the time. This might give your network the jumpstart it needs to fix any tiny glitches or bugs.

Try cable connections instead of Wi-Fi: Since everything is connected by Wi-Fi nowadays, packets are more likely to get lost. Using an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi can help move things along.

Remove anything capable of causing static: Cut off surrounding cameras, devices using Bluetooth, wireless speakers, and headphones. You also might want to temporarily shut down your firewall since it uses a lot of bandwidth, and you should not be running more than one firewall program at a time.

Replace out-of-date hardware: The same concept applies to your network infrastructure. Take some time to make sure your hardware is in good shape.

Yes, they do that and I unfortunately end up doing that multiple times when I am on a call sometimes but most of the time end up logging off completely and logging back on and sending them multiple links before it actually connects. This doesn’t happen everyday, but it happens very very frequently.