Bad Audio on either end of calls

HI, everybody! My clients had begun to get the “predator” - crunchy voice sounds and I had to do phone sessions for several days while I figured it out. customer service wasn’t helpful beyond not using Safari! I don’t use Safari nor were my clients - but my Chrome browser and theirs was up to date (only advice gives is be sure to have the most recent updated browser). So, then I went to my Windows 10 update and discovered it had a newer update that did not automatically install - apparently with Windows 10 they aren’t automatic - and after the update suddenly no more problem. Please make sure you have the most recent update on your Operating System as well as whatever Internet Browser you are using!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Drnlewis! I was told a couple of weeks ago when I was having this same prob on Safari but also not able to get the login page when using Chrome on my iPhone that the IOS 14.2 was the culprit to the Doxy & Chrome sign in issues for the iPhone (there were no probs when I was on my MacBook).

Greatly Helpful, thanks.

HI, Thanks for the feedback. Quick question on the predator sounding voice issue. Usually we’ve just seen it being emitted from those folks using iphone or ipad with Safari version 14.0.1 up to 14.3 (this is the version where apple fixed it) I run chrome 87 as well, and have not had that issue of hearing the predator noise (not saying it isnt happening) . But I am taking your note of checking for windows updates (even if they are on auto update) to see if it helps any other users who say they are running into this error. So just to confirm, you heard the predator noise while you were using chrome 87 on this device, and were not on an iphone or ipad. Thanks for reaching out and if this tip can help others, I thank you again.

This is my everyday event now. I can hear client but client reports horrible audio from me. Then it’s off to a different platform which takes time. I use a 2017 macbook pro running OS 10.13.6 using latest version of Chrome browser. (I must remain in 10.13.6 other I will disable Dragon Dictate). I’ve tried Safari with similar problems. Today I tried FireFox and it went well. Crossing fingers

My last client at 3 pm 12/31/2020 got progressively worse as the hour went on both with sound and picture, and then finally they had to sign in again to get to the payment so it would work.

My client at 2 pm today, the closer they got to their screen I would hear 7 tone chimes or a tongue drum being played. It was not at his house. It was like the typing that we heard a month or so ago.

I really don’t understand how Doxy.come has not worked out all these issues for all the months more of us have been using it and noting the issues. Here is for a better 2021 for all of us!

I have given up on Even with the paid upgrade, Doxy has continued to have audio, and sometimes visual, connection disruption or no connection at all, and yes, the Doxy Help is of little help at all. I was hopeful that the HIPAA compliance of oxy would be a worthwhile service, but is has not turned out that way. .Doxy always blames someone else for the problem, Goody by Doxy, back to Zoom, HIPAA compliant or not…

Hi there Terry. So sorry that you are having issues. Have you reached out to customer support so that we can look over a full panel of diagnostic tests with you? Everything you mentioned points to connection issues and this is extremely common during a health crisis where everyone in your neighborhood or even home is using the local network at the same time. A few adjustments can make a huge difference. Our support team has worked with thousands of patients and providers pinpointing where the issue lies. Our Pro and Clinic users can schedule live troubleshooting test calls, as well. Would be happy to walk you through some troubleshooting.

I was not on an IPhone or IPad. WS on my PC.

For that old Bug with Safari 14, it really matters that the patient was using the bad safari version, its independent of what device you were using.