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My doxy isn’t allowing the clienst to hear me. I can hear them and see them just fine. The precall test says my microphone is working. How can I fix this problem asap?

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Hi malesinski,

Based on similar issues our users had…

Prior to the call beginning -
Verify your mic input from the Dashboard:

  1. Hover your cursor over the Camera Preview window.
  2. Click the three dot elipsis .
  3. Select Device Settings.
  4. Under the Microphone dropdown, select the appropriate input device
    You can verify your microphone is working by speaking into the mic immediately following the input selection. The mic icon should be lighting up green.

Hope this helps you.

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I have had similar experiences that are not related to functioning on my end. Here are some ideas:

(*) On a technical level, you may have multiple inputs for your microphone, and you need to go to microphone settings and see if you can choose different options. I have a great desktop computer along with a webcam w/microphone and a studio microphone (hangs down from a boom). When I look at my options there are several to choose from - the microphone for webcam will work but sounds 'tinny" so I use studio microphone. So, you can get there by hovering over your webcam picture in upper right corner, click on three dots, then (1) make sure nothing is on mute, (2) your microphone is plugged into system and works on test), and (3) THEN chose Device Settings which should display webcam image, and have drop downs for Camera, Microphone, and Speakers. If you have multiple options on drop downs - test each one. When testing see, next suggestion (A).

(*) It is also the case that sometimes when microphone, webcam, and windows updates are run it changes what devices are assigned to Camera, Microphone, Speakers… which means it will work great for a while… but after updating you must change them back.

(A) One of the best ways to check is to log-on on PC or Laptop as therapist and call in with iPhone as a pretend client (yourself or have friend-colleague) sign-in making sure they know what they are doing with microphone and video. First, it is a terrific way to know what your clients will see so you can guide the less computer literate through sign-in. Second, you can test your connections and what happens on both ends.

(B) Do not watch other video streams -, Netflix, or other such online videos on same device between sessions as sometimes the microphone and video do not transfer from them to doxy (often, yes, sometimes no). When I have a no show and have a free movement, I sometimes view News Videos or a 30-minute show on Netflix. I never pause, exiting fully from non-Doxy site, refresh my doxy page, and THEN open the call. It often works, but sometimes, I need to do (E).

© When I start each day, I will often reset my modem and make sure computer is started fresh (it was off), if computer has been on overnight (I don’t some do) restart it.

(D) If clients are using wireless (Wi-Fi) to connect they might be in poor reception area, they may not be able to get a clear signal (red bars indicate poor signal strength). If I suspect that is the issue, I have them attempt to relocate.

(E) When all else fails, I reset modem (hard reset) and restart my computer and have my clients do the same - in about 95% of the cases this works when all else fails.

Good Luck MC

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I am using an iPhone 8, iOS 15.02, latest Safari, and find that about 40% of the time, sound is not working for either me or my patient. My reloading the page fixes the problem, but at times, it’s so bad that I just switch to my other favorite platform, Doximity. (sorry, Doxy, you do have competition!)

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If reloading the page doesn’t help, I just switch to using phone for audio and keep the video going. Works all the time and less laggy than the internet audio.

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if you on a laptop or computer check to make sure the “mute” F4 button isn’t activated. Happened to me :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment, @drkuttner. We believe a fix we deployed this morning for freezing issues on the latest Apple versions and we are hopeful that this has fixed the audio issues as well. If you continue to experience the audio issues, can you please reach out to your support team via chat (on the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( with the dates and times of the calls where you’re experiencing them?

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My latest chapter: I’ve switched from my iPhone to a brand-new MacBook Air and am using Safari for I have great quality contacts with my first patient of the day. Second patient can’t hear me or see me unless I at the least reload the page, or possibly completely close the tab and bring up again, then all is fine. Same happens with the next patient.
So I guess this is my workaround, but I wonder if we’ll ever see this otherwise wonderful service working reliably?