Best time and place to ask for money from the patient (billing)?

When is the best most tactful way to ask the client to pay?
Do you ask upfront before consult begins? (I have Pro version and am signed-up with Stripe)

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For many doctors & clinicians are uncomfortable talking about money but they should be. We may offer human services nevertheless we should get pay for services we rendered. All patients expect to pay. It is a common practice in any medical or therapy office that patients pay at the outset when they check in to receptionist. In this forum, if the patient is new and has checked in, a clinician describes his policy in the matter at the beginning; one simply reminds patient, “Let’s take care of your copay (or session fee) now before we begin so that we don’t forget.” It seems to work very nicely.

@drfatland great question. Many mental health professionals have a set fee for a set time block. In my gynecology practice we book out 30" but if you only need 5" that’s okay as is if you need 45". Billing IN the office is done at the CONCLUSION of the visit so for me I’m not sure I could ask for anything up front as I would not know what to ask for.