Better connection with Professional Version?

I have the free version. My experiences over the weekend and this week have ranged from problem-free to problematic. Problems included frozen or digitized image, and sometimes image but no audio or hard to hear audio. Best connections were from my ipad to another ipad or apple laptop.
I am wondering if I would have any better results with the image and/or sound if I upgraded to the “Professional” version. I see that it is advertised as offering HD/SD quality. Is that a higher grade of video and/or audio quality than in the free version?
Or are many of the problems that the system is just temporarily overloaded?


My audio was distorted and the video a little fuzzy

I was also wondering if the quality of audio and video would improve with the upgrade version.

I’m also trying the video calling program offered by my business software Therapy…called VPCare 360.

Any help is appreciated!

Bill Martin

I have upgraded to professional version. 3 calls are excellent, two, horrible.

Today, it does not work at all and the helpbot is of no help.

Maybe, overloaded. But really, horrible.

I just upgraded due to the fuzzy picture. I didn’t have any connectivity issues with the one session I had, but no clue on if that was due to the upgrade or not. I do think the picture got a little better.

@billmartin I am also trying out the TA video but haven’t be able to log-in! I am assuming they are backed up. Have you been able to use it yet?


No I have been unable to log into VPtherapy 360. The instructions I was sent by the customer service person is for therapy appointment vs2. I am still using the legacy system.

Pretty confusing! I am hearing impaired too, so the bad audio required me to use my cell phone with the client.

thankks for replying

So what other systems would one recommend? This one is user-friendly but stopped working today and won’t connect me. The bots of course are of no help and it is impossible to schedule a call with the humans.

Looking for something else…

I’ve heard about Zoom, but not sure if it’s complient with the confidentiality laws

Hi could you elaborate on what’s happening?

Hi, I might recommend looking at this article on how to improve quality on . Almost always the limitation is either bandwidth related, or the person’s device. Try doing an audio-only call or turning off your video when meeting with someone on a poor connection.

I am the original poster and have still not gotten a response as to whether upgrading to Professional level subscription would lead to overall improvement in audio or video?
PS saw info below about tips to improve audio/ video. But now asking specifically about my original query

You are able to upgrade the video quality on Pro/Clinic.

Yesterday was not good for most of my sessions, had to switch to phone/FaceTime. Today I upgraded to professional, went back into the site. The call during the last hour cut out and again had to switch to phone. When can we expect the site to settle into being able to handle the volume of sessions?

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I have professional version. I think they start charging me in 1 month, but in general, professional subscriptions doesn’t work any better. I think too many people are using the system so the problem is on the doxy side, maybe they are limiting the capacities not to overload the system, but I am not happy that at the time when my state, WA, is hit the worst, I can not reach my patients. (((

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I am using the free professional trial and am LOVING it. No troubles here. You may want to upgrade your internet connection. We just did that so it may play a role in how clear and how fast your connection is which creates clarity or distortion. Hope this helps!

After reading through most of the threads in response to this particular question, I thought I’d ask those who are having picture quality issues and other issues to reveal what their internet baud rates are…looking to see if there’s a connection between lower band width and quality or is it more likely that the Doxy server is struggling with a larger than expected volume. ? I’m deciding what platform to use for my private practice in Florida…band width is very high…

I’m just a regular user here, but I’ll try to answer your original question… uses “peer to peer” connection for video sessions. This means the connection is directly from your device to your client’s device. So servers are not involved in performing the actual video call. Assuming your device and connection to the internet are appropriate, quality issues may be linked to your Client device or connection.

So the bottom line is that I don’t believe upgrading to a “professional” account will help with video session quality. SD and HD video will only require more resources on the devices/connection. An upgraded account would however allow you to have voice only call which uses less connection bandwidth and resources on the devices. But no video.

I hope this helps.


I have the Pro version and experienced multiple disruptions of all kinds last week. Hopefully Doxy response with additional bandwidth.


I’m having probs too, with the number of complaints I see here, you clearly have a capacity issue. Why did you oversell your service? Have you ever done full load testing? Will terminating the free accounts alleviate any of the issues?

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I have used Doxy prior to this month with the free version with positive experiences weekly sessions. I upgraded to professional version and I was hoping for better quality. I continue to have quality issues ranging from video / freezing and sound. So far, the paid version is not worth it - I am hoping this changes as I like the option for the group call (which did not work well) and the file share.

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I am switching. Doxyme is ripping people off. They are costing me money. I am glad I did not upgrade because the people who upgraded are having the same exact problems as those who did not upgrade.

Zoom here I come.
Bellow is someone tweet to Zoom

for significantly increasing capacity. We are having zero issues with our meetings with video and it’s making a big difference in us trying to keep business as usual during this crisis. Nice work #engineers!