Blog Writers Wanted

Have you written a blog post about your telemedicine experience or would like to? We are always looking to showcase our users! We link to your website and put the blog post up on our social media sites.

A blog post should have:
An intro about yourself and your practice. What is your background? Specialty? How long have you been practicing? Where is your primary location?

Any of the following:
How long have you been practicing telemedicine?
What motivated you to start practicing telemedicine?
Have you had experience with any other telemedicine companies? What made you go with
How do your patients like meeting with you by telemedicine?
Do you have any insightful or notable experiences using telemedicine?
What challenges have you experienced practicing telemedicine? How did you overcome them?
What advice would you give to other healthcare providers interested in starting telemedicine?

As a thank you, we will send you a shirt!

Hi Courtney,
I would be happy to help with this if you are still seeking blog writers.
You can review The Online Psychology Clinic’s blog on telemedicine here:
If you would like me to draft something for you, please let me know.

Hi drlauren!

Yes, we are still accepting blog writers! Draft something up and email it to