Bluetooth Headphones not working

I have a Samsung S21 Ultra that had the output option of Bluetooth Headphones in the app. It does not exist in the browser options, just headphones. When I select headphones, both Soundcore Liberty Air and Powerbeats Pro, it switches momemtarily to headphones and then goes to phone output regardless of output selected. Any ideas?

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The app has been depreciated

I have been using the mobile browser. My point was that the app had a bluetooth option that the browser does not and my bluetooth headphones do not work on the browser headphone audio setting.

Thank you for posting, @aar. I am looking into this now.

@aar, I am able to verify on my Android phone and we are looking into the issue. Do you know how long this has been occurring for you?

I was using the app until it was decommissioned. It started shortly before the app was done and continues to this day. I rest my phone to factory settings and it connected 1x right afterward. It has not worked at all this week.

I am having a similar problem, I think. Briefly, I have been using Samsung Galaxy Internet browser on my Samsung Galaxy S22. It was producing troublesome echo for my client so I tried to use a Bluetooth headphones but I can’t get Doxy to work with it (the headphones work with my phone in other ways).

I gave up and bought wired headphones. They work for the most part.

Any update on using Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone?

My clients are not able to connect with wireless earbuds. Any suggestions?

In order to get wireless headphones (Bluetooth) working for Android in the browser:
Go to Settings–> Apps
Choose Brave/Chrome/Samsung (your browser of choice)
Click Permissions
Add “Nearby Devices” to allowed.
Restart browser.

Thank you so much. It worked as you described. One issue was that Samsung internet browser does not allow that with the standard version but does allow to switch to chrome and chrome allowed me to add Nearby Devices.