Blur Background for Patients

Our patients are concerned with providers being able to see their background. Patients would be more willing to do doxy calls if they knew they could hide their background.


Ditto here. Can’t find this feature. Hope its there.

Is it possible to blur the background in the video. Microsoft teams and skype are among a few that already offer this.
Not only for the client, but for the clinician as well.

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It would be great to have a blurred background or the option of using “fake” backgrounds such as what Zoom offers. Maybe DOXY could have options for clients and therapists to use backgrounds such as solid colors, office scenes (like a calm therapist’s office) or home scenes (like a comfy-looking living room or den or deck), something not too distracting . . .


Agreed, but it would also be great if we could use the right side of the screen where there is htat negative “white/baby blue space” to customize additional messaging. Specifically, I have specialty clinics who would love to use the space to promote additional information about programs, linkes to websites, videos etc. I know we can use up to 20 “boxes” for text, images or videos but that still leaves all of that negative white space and there is no auto scrolling so unless I have a call to action to patients to scroll down the page, they’ll always just see the same couple of boxes. Just seems like the background could be much more dynamic and better leveraged as a patient education platform

I just wanted to let this thread know that we recently put together a Help article on this topic since we have not been able to release our own version of this feature yet.