Bot - "Pretest Call" improvements

I like the bot - ‘Pretest call’. I wish at the end, after ‘bye’ - it could direct to a specific waiting room verses the general webpage for Doxy. Just a thought.

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Hi @massenasober it’s a great idea! We have it planned, a long with a few more improvements to the bot functionality. If you’re interested I’ll mark you as being interested in early beta testing as we roll out more for this functionality.

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I suggest please add a button to quickly test the speakers or mic – without going through the Doxy bot – Doxy bot was nice (and was quite mannerly!) the first time – but a time delay now when I’m needing to connect with a patient. Thanks!

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Can you explain what you mean by a time delay? Is the time delay happening while using the doxy bot or are you referring to when you are trying to connect with the patient?

Just seeing this. Yes I’d like to try it when available or beta.

Thanks for your kind words.