Busy Lamp / Light

Doxy needs a busy light. Our Doctors take their Telemedicine calls in their private office. We obviously do not want to enter their office during this time, however if they have many telemedicine appointments in a day it makes it difficult to know when to go in and review their outbox, drop items off in their inbox, etc.

If we could see when the Doctors are actively in a Doxy session, we would know when it is safe and OK to enter their private office and not disturb an appointment.

Even if it were to integrate with common apps like Teams.

Thanks for posting, @GIJanel! If I am understanding correctly, you’re looking for an automated way outside of doxy.me for others in the office to know when a provider is actively on a doxy.me call? Is that accurate for the outcome you want to achieve?

If someone else has a method for how their office manages this scenario, please leave a comment!

Correct. We use Teams Voice for our phone system.

When someone is on a call, their status goes to “Busy” in Teams.

In addition, we use a physical light that automatically flashes Red when someone is on a phone call. Ideally, we would like to have a physical light (like this: Blynclight Standard – Embrava) outside the physicians door that synced with their Doxy status. But even if it just synched with Teams we would be able to tell when the Doctor finished up a visit.