Bypass provider drop-down menu by inviting patients directly to a waiting room

If patients are regularly clicking on the wrong provider from the landing page drop-down menu, or if your clinic is large and finding the right provider takes time for some patients, consider bypassing that menu all together by inviting the patient directly to the waiting room where their appointment will be held. There are several ways to achieve this:

  1. The provider sends the invitation from their own dashboard. In clinics with few providers and/or a low volume of virtual consultations, providers can typically invite patients right from their own dashboard ahead of an appointment.

  2. Another member of the clinic can invite the patient to a provider’s own waiting room. In medium-sized clinics, or ones with a high volume of telemedicine consultations, providers may not have time to invite all their own patients. Staff members can be granted access to the waiting room and invite patients on behalf of the provider, right from the staff member’s own account dashboard.

  3. Direct patients to a shared waiting room. For large clinics, especially ones hosting a lot of virtual consultations, the most efficient method will most likely be to create one or more shared waiting rooms, to which most or all of the clinic’s providers have access. This means there will still be a very small number (as little as one) of different links that need to be distributed, either by the providers themselves or by staff members, as outlined in the previous two points.

We are planning to introduce the ability for clinic admins and owners to remove individual rooms from that drop-down menu in the future, to make it easier to navigate the list. This is something brought up occasionally in our Feature Requests subforum. In the meantime, the above options should serve as a workaround, and in fact these might be a more helpful option for your patients regardless.

Respond to this post with any questions about this process, and we’ll try to help. Feel free also to request similar help posts!