Calls dropped with strange notice

calls have routinely been freezing about the 40 to 45 minute mark - but recently I have one client with a dropped call and they told me they got a message that the call had timed out. I didn’t think we had limits on how long a session could last.

Thank you for posting, @patriciacbarnes. There are no limits with on how long sessions can last nor how many total minutes can be used. The message the client received was likely related to the connection timing out. A connection timeout generally occurs if a server takes too long to respond due to a server issue, sporadic internet connection, or other reasons.

We have had a few users report an issue with calls dropping at a certain point and we are actively trying to troubleshoot to see what the root cause is, and your freezing issue may be related. Please write in to our support team via chat (in the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( with some dates and times (with time zone) when you have experienced this issue and any other information you think might be helpful. The more specific calls we can analyze where this issue has occurred, the more likely it is we can identify and resolve the root cause.

I’ve had the same issue with only one client - at exactly 12 pm CDT Tuesdays it cuts us off. This is the only time it happens.