Camera adjustments

I have a new webcam which produces a well lit picture, but in the image shows up much darker. I am wondering if I shouldn’t investigate a new provider with higher technology to present my best possible professional image. Are there any settings in in the platform which can improve the picture quality? Thanks

Thank you for posting, @mikemcnultylpc. I am not aware of a reason that the image would be different in than in other applications, especially since it looks like you use the HD video quality. Logitech webcams do have some additional customization that can be applied through an app. What kind of webcam did you start using?

I installed a Logitech camera yesterday. The picture is great on the “camera” app of Windows 10 but not as good on Zoom.

There are apps associated with the Logitech cameras to provide additional settings. Here is an article that utilizes a Logitech app called Capture.

There is also this article that references other Logitech apps.

An important item to note is that you will need to keep that app open and select the app as your Camera in a call instead of selecting the camera itself.