Camera and Mic suddenly stopped working

I have been using Doxy since March, and have had absolutely no issues. Suddenly, 6 days ago, my mic stopped working, my camera stopped working, and my pts say that it looks to them like I am offline. I am on Zoom every day, and I have absolutely have no problems using Zoom. I didn’t use Doxy again until today, when I realized that this is now a consistent issue! I left a message, but , of course, no supply. I hit the HELP button, but, of course, nothing happened.

I’ve had this problem before. It turned out that if I did not log out of the Zoom app, that app still had control over my mic and camera. Hope this helps.

I was so excited to try this! But, sadly, that was not the issue.

Depending on what you were using to connect with the patient on Doxy, it could be several different things. On our hospital network, we had several domains that restricted Doxy. If you are using a PC in your setting along with a network or domain, check with your network or security team.
Another issue, related to an iPhone, was the most recent update. In the iPhone, the user had to go into the settings and enable pop-up notifications under Safari. If the pop up is blocked, we found that users do not get the notification to enable the mic / phone at all. Interestingly, to the patient, when this happened, the provider appeared offline.
Good Luck!

Hi Dr. Hubsher,

What kind of device and browser were you using that the Camera and Microphone stopped working last week? If this was a laptop/desktop, did you try other browsers like chrome, safari, firefox or edge on windows?

Also, Is your Web Browser up to date. Use this link from any laptop, phone, or tablet to see if the browser is up to date. Copy and paste this link below into the URL section of the browser and select enter. Does it tell you to update:

Lastly, as someone else noted, were there any changes to your network settings that may suddently block the cam and mic, could be as advanced as firewall setting changes, to anti virus software, to a new extension added to the chrome, edge or firefox browsers that block Ad pops, mainly HTML5 Autoplay ad blockers.

Colin-Thank you so much! Indeed, my Google Chrome was not up-to-date. I’ve updated (thank you for teaching me how), and everything works now.


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Happy to hear Melissa, glad its working.